TV Portal Apk Download Latest Version for Android & PC

Tv Portal Apk Download
Tv Portal Apk Download
Tv Portal Apk Download

Missed the episode of your favourite tv show? or want to watch a movie but don’t have enough space on your phone to store it. All these problems seem a bit small but when the time comes we need to deal with them.That’s why Tv Portal app is the best solution for all such problems. All you need to do is just download tv portal app and along with that be sure you have a player in the mobile phone like MX player or something so that you can easily watch movies and tv shows.

Tv Portal apk has thousands of tv shows and movies which you can watch online.You can easily stream movies, music shows and even your favourite tv shows. Not only stream but you can even download them on your device if you want. Tv Portal Apk enables you to watch thousands of episodes from so many different TV programs, as well as just about any movie you can think of. And all of them are in good quality.

Tv Portal Apk Download

Tv Portal Apk Download

You can search through lots of tv shows and movies and get external links to watch them outside the application.This app is free to download and use but it also comes with paid version which is completely Ad Free.  You can even share your favourite tv shows and movies with your friends from within the application. You can either send them the link via any social media platform or you can just email it to them directly.

Thanks to Tvportal apk you can easily watch your favourite tv shows on the go. It is best suitable for tablets but it can also work on large screen mobile devices. If you want to know more about how to install this app and what are the main features of it then I recommend you to keep on reading the article.

Tv Portal Apk Download For Android & PC | Official

How To Install Tv Portal Apk On Android?

following are the main steps that you should follow to install Tv Portal. Please make sure you follow each step carefully. If you don’t the application may not get installed or not work as desired.

1. First, download tv portal apk from the official website.

2.Then go to your phone’s settings and under application setting or security settings you will find option to enable installation from unknown sources, enable it

3.Now locate where you have downloaded the Tv portal.apk and install it


Once you start using this app you will really get addicted to new tv shows and movies. It streams them flawlessly and the best part is you can even download your favourite episodes or movies and watch it later on.


Tv Portal Apk FEATURES

as you know tv portal is one of the best apps that is available on android which you can use to watch your favourite tv shows like game of thrones, FRIENDS, The Big Bang Theory etc. without spending a single dime. Following are features of the TV PORTAL.apk

Download TVPortal App

Download TVPortal App

  • -Thousands of tv shows, movies, music shows all can be streamed or even downloaded without spending any money, Just install this app and enjoy
  • -Complete seasons and episodes are available for tv-shows which you can search through very easily
  • -The installation procedure is very easy.
  • -All you ever need is a video player like MX player, BM player to play your tv shows or movies from external links
  • -Completely safe and secure.
  • -Works on most of the android devices which have the operating system of Android 3.0 or more.
  • -Enjoy the tv shows at it fullest by using this app on tablets
  • -HD prints for all the movies and tv-shows along with great sound quality
  • -Download option is also available so that you can view them later on
  • -A collection of movies available on Tv portal is really huge.
  • -You can even share videos on your social media platform or even email it to your friends
  • -Different categories of tv shows and even User can manage the subscription to the selected and liked categories.
  • -You can even customize the theme of Tv Portal from settings
  • -You can just search for your favourite movies and tv shows with the help of search bar that they have provided
  • -In the new update, search bugs are fixed
  • -Also, Proxie bugs are fixed
  • -It also comes with an inbuilt video player
  • -It provides Multiple URL’s For a Single show and movies give the user a choice among URLs so the user can choose the best one which fits the user’s requirements.
  • -It also gives you lots of Mirror Sites
  • -If you buy a premium Version then you can use this app without any advertisements
  • -Search by Year this option is also available for users.


Limitations of Tv Portal App

As we have seen till now tv portal is one of the best app made for android to watch tv-shows and movies, the only drawback is that it only allows you to watch 2 episodes within each and every Six hours. If you want to watch more than that then I suggest you should upgrade it to the premium version, where you have to pay 2$. Then you can have unlimited access to all the tv-shows and movies. Also after you have subscribed to premium version you can use tv portal app without any ads.

Tv Portal Apk Alternatives 

There are many alternates available for TV portal and those are as follows

  1. Terrarium Tv
  2. Xfinity
  3. The CW
  4. MegaBox Hd (Download MegaBox Hd Apk from the official website)



Although TvPortal apk is free app there are some limitations on it like you can watch only two episodes for every six hours, But you can use it fully once you buy the subscription. Tv portal app works on most of the android devices. the main thing is this app is completely free. also, the search filters are really great. you can browse through tv shows by their genre, or even by the year on which they were released. This app is very light weight and you can simply enjoy tv shows and movies on the go